The whole life of the child up to his seventh year is a continuous imitation of what takes place in his environment. And the moment a child perceives something, whether a movement or a sound, there arises in him the impulse or an inward gesture to re-live what has been perceived, with the whole intensity of his inner nature. – (Steiner, The Spiritual Ground of Education, Oxford 1922)

The Greenwood School is a magical place that children will enjoy and remember for the rest of their lives. Nestled safely beneath the trees, the school stands as a tribute to the sanctity of childhood and nature. A warm and inviting, home-like setting welcomes your child every day. The scent of simmering herbs or baked cinnamon gently wafts through the house inviting children to come in and savor the day. In the distance, there are playful dogs rumbling a game of tug and clucking of chickens announcing their egg-laying success. The cardinals are chucking their complaints over the interruptions at the bird feeder. Thundering wings of humming birds catch the glances of children near the salvia as they run to join their friends in the sand box. The children are drawn to the outside world they enjoy so much. Greenwood gives children a feeling of comfort and acceptance, the perfect state of mind for learning. Greenwood provides parents with peace of mind. The Greenwood School fosters positive self-identity, as well as social, emotional and mental wellbeing. Our educational philosophy integrates age-appropriate approaches and is inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy.

At The Greenwood School, children enjoy natural toys and open spaces. A child’s imagination is his or her greatest asset for learning. The Greenwood School has a creative movement room, two playrooms and a library. Children also enjoy an acre of tree-shaded natural area with two large sandboxes and a mud box. The children benefit from having regular interactions with the school pups, Emma and Jeanie. Children who arrive early in the morning get to assist in the care of our flock of chickens. Our gardens need care year around, and children love to lend a hand. At Greenwood, we promote self-directed play as a real expression of the child’s individuality that always contains meaning and purpose for them.

Tracy Schagen, owner/director with Jeanie (left) and Emma (right).
Photo by Caroline Stone, Photographer

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