The Greenwood School LLC Operational Policies pg. 12

Withdrawal, Re-Enrollment, Changes in Enrollment

  1. To provide children with a sense of security, we need the opportunity to prepare them for changes in our enrollment. It is not in the best interest of any child to have their friend disappear suddenly from his or her life. It is also not in the best interest of any child to be suddenly removed from their school with no opportunity to process the changing circumstances and say “good-bye.” Greenwood, therefore, requires that parents give a full calendar month’s notice of withdrawal in writing on the first of the month prior to withdrawal. If your decision to withdraw is made mid month, you will be responsible for tuition due on the first of the following month. If the required notice is not given, the responsible party will be billed for a month of childcare, plus late charges and any other fees owed the school.
  2. Tuition and fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. In the event that you change your mind about enrollment, tuition and fees cannot be applied toward any other Greenwood student or program.
  3. A $200 re-enrollment fee is assessed to any student returning within six months of withdrawal or dismissal.
  4. To change to a different program or schedule, such as full-time to part-time or to withdraw from extended care, etc., you must make your request in writing at least one calendar month prior to the month that you wish to make the change. Changes are contingent upon teacher approval and an opening existing for the space that you are requesting.

Animals and Plants

  1. Children are expected to behave compassionately to all animal and plant life.
  2. Children may not capture any living creature unless a teacher supervises its capture and the creature is needed for a legitimate educational purpose. All captured creatures must be treated humanely. Under strict supervision, children will occasionally play a part in pest management, such as digging up grubs and feeding them to the chickens or releasing ladybugs in the garden.
  3. Children may not be destructive to plants. Children may not pick flowers, pull grass or remove leaves from trees, vines or shrubs unless supervised by a teacher, and the sample is needed for a legitimate purpose.
  4. The Greenwood School occasionally has laying hens in the hen-house. There may also be a “Guide Dog in Training” for Guide Dogs of Texas. Children will occasionally pet the puppy under supervision. The guide dog puppy spends most of his or her time on a leash or in a crate; however they do share the playground in the early morning.
  5. Physical contact with the chickens is not allowed. Walking or running after an animal is considered inhumane and is prohibited. Children are encouraged to observe domestic animals, wild animals and insects but are to keep an appropriate distance and not attempt contact.
  6. It may be educational and fun to have a pet of a Greenwood student to visit the school. Any animal’s visit must be announced in writing to all parents at least 24 hours prior to the actual visit. Visiting dogs must remain on a leash that is no longer than five feet and under the direct control of an adult at all times. If the pet is not on a leash, it must remain in a kennel, cage or other secure container as long as it is on the school property. Any visiting pet must have a statement of health and a current vaccination record on file with Greenwood.
  7. If the school adopts additional pets, parents will be notified.
  8. Donations for pet support are always welcome.

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