The Greenwood School LLC Operational Policies pg. 15

Emergency Preparedness Plan


  1. Greenwood staff will call 911 in the event of an injury or serious illness that cannot be adequately treated with a typical first aid kit. Parents will be called using the School Directory and/or Emergency Authorization Contact form on file after the phone line is clear and the situation is in the hands of the EMS.
  2. In case of an emergency evacuation, Greenwood staff will take the following action:
  1. Move the children to a designated safe area or alternate shelter known to all employees, caregivers and volunteers. First, teachers are instructed to call out to other staff members/director that the building must be evacuated. Teachers will gather the children checking their sign-in sheet/roster with directory attached, making sure every child is accounted for. If smoke is present, we will tell the children to crawl like kittens, using the evacuation routes posted in every room, exiting the building with the children, checking closets and bathrooms along the way. We will tell the children that we are all going to the log. Staff will follow the children out of the building and join the teacher at the front of the line at the log. Children will sit on the log and answer to roll call. Making contact with other staff members present, we will use the sign in sheet to verify that all children are present at the log, reporting status to Director/Assistant Director.
  2. The Director’s/Supervisor’s role in an evacuation plan:
  1. As everyone exits the building, go through closets and bathrooms, double-checking for children. Call out in case a child is hiding. Listen carefully for voices or crying.
  2. Exit the building using routes posted.
  3. Go to the log and check the roll status with the other staff members. When every child is accounted for, call 911.
  • For a building evacuation, we will keep children outside on the playground if possible or we will relocate children to the Fix’s house next door, 8311 Haskel Dr., east of Greenwood.
  • In the event of a neighborhood evacuation, we will relocate children to the Oak Hill Volunteer Fire Department , located at 9211 Circle Drive, Austin, Texas 78736.
  • In the event of any emergency evacuation/relocation, we will attempt to contact parents by phone (referencing the school directory and/or emergency contact form) and safety permitting, leave a note on the front door of The Greenwood School.

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