The Greenwood School LLC Operational Policies pg. 13


  1. Studies show that a moderate amount of television viewing with discretion may benefit school-age children. However, children enrolled in The Greenwood School are not school-age children. Television viewing may actually impede normal language development in early childhood. Any time spent viewing video, television, electronic games, etc. takes away from the time spent actively learning and developing.
  2. We ask that you eliminate television, computer and radio exposure all together. However, if you choose to expose your preschooler to media, please do not do it on school days and limit your child’s viewing to less than two hours per week.
  3. Television programs and advertisements are full of gender bias, stereotypes, aggression and violence. Many programs teach children that violence is an acceptable way to solve problems. These images are contradictory to what we teach at Greenwood. In the good vs. evil scenario, we do not believe that violence is justified by the fact that a “good” character is fighting an “evil” character. Please make sure that you are aware of the program content, and that you are not undermining our lessons of peace, equality and compassion.
  4. Children at Greenwood are not allowed to play-out or discuss stories and images from television and movies. We will redirect their play or conversation and hold a conference with the parents to discuss the problem. If the behavior continues after redirection, the child may be suspended or expelled from Greenwood.
  5. Please do not send children to school with media on their clothes, underwear, socks, hair ornaments, lunch boxes, thermoses, stickers, temporary tattoos, etc.

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