The Greenwood School LLC Operational Policies pg. 14

Dress Code

  1. By age three, children should be able to dress and undress themselves at school with limited assistance from staff. If your child is not able to operate buttons and zippers, then they should wear clothing without those types of closures at school. While we are willing to gently coach and direct children that are having difficulty with dressing, we encourage independence in all matters of personal care and hygiene.
  2. overalls and jump suites are discouraged because they difficult for the child to get on properly.
  3. One of the ways we provide children with a creative, magical, non-biased and non-competitive environment during these early years is to limit their exposure to media characters, i.e., Disney, Barbie, cartoons, super heroes, etc. while they are in our care. This policy applies to shoes, clothing, lunch boxes, thermoses, etc. If a child arrives at school with media characters on their clothing, your child’s teacher may have the child put on their extra clothes from their bag or turn the shirt inside out.
  4. Medical studies on sunscreen are troubling. Currently, we ask that you only use zinc oxide mineral sun block on your child needs extra sun protection. UV protective clothing and hats offers safe protection and trees shade most of our play areas. If using sun block, be sure and apply it before the bug spray. Teachers generally won’t apply sunscreen or bug spray on children, however, they may re-apply a child’s insect repellent during aftercare if children are getting bites. For your convenience, a sunscreen and bug spray storage cabinet is available on the back porch. Please label your products with your child’s name.
  5. We recommended insect repellent during the warmer months. Insect repellent should be effective against mosquitoes and chiggers and applied to the outer clothing, underwear and exposed skin. Parents should apply insect repellent before leaving the child at school.
  6. Hats that protect from sun and cold are required. Clothing accessories such as jewelry, belts, suspenders etc. are not allowed at school. These items will be removed and placed in the child’s basket.
  7. Children will wear rain boots or water shoes on the playground. Shoes get badly soiled and may not be worn indoors. Rain boots should be a good fit for the child’s foot. Rain boots should be in good condition and provide protection from abrasion. Children often drop logs and rocks on their own feet
  8. Crocks are not permitted because the rubber is soft and easily penetrated by sharp objects such as cactus spine, metal, and glass. We strive to keep our playground free from such hazards, however, this is an old property and children often dig up old metal or glass that was buried decades ago.
  9. We understand that some children are fashion conscious. However, fitness and sensory integration are our priorities. Straight skirts, long dresses, tight slacks, sarongs, etc. don’t allow full-range movement and freedom from worry. Please insist that your child dress appropriately for all types of school activities and current weather conditions. If your child cannot be convinced, bring a change of clothes and ask a teacher for assistance. Children are often more cooperative once that arrive at school.
  10. Stains happen. Teachers cannot promise that students’ clothes will survive the day undamaged. Art and play naturally put clothes at risk. Save the new and expensive clothes for other occasions. Knitted materials often get caught on shrubs and fences, and we do not always use washable paint during art activities.
  11. Please make sure your child has a hooded raincoat at school that is appropriate for the current season.
  12. Students are not to wear cosmetics such as eye shadow and lipstick except when necessary for performances or festival costumes. Inconspicuous, non-toxic body art is acceptable as long as it does not pose a distraction for other students.
  13. Camouflage print is not permitted at Greenwood. Camouflage generally symbolizes hunting and military activities. The discussion of either sport hunting or military activities is counter to Greenwood’s educational philosophy. Those subjects are too complex for comprehension by preschoolers.

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