The Greenwood School LLC Operational Policies pg. 17

Staff Information

The Greenwood School is staffed by individuals who meet, or exceed, the Texas State Department of Education Office of Child Care requirements.

– The Greenwood School is owned and operated by Tracy Schagen.

– Substitutes may be used when regular staff is absent. Substitutes shall meet state    requirements in regards to substitutes.

All staff is subject to:

– Criminal Background Checks–All staff are subject to reference checks, criminal    background checks and fingerprinting.

– Education and work experience verification.

– Emergency Certification— Greenwood Staff are all certified in First Aid and CPR

– Training—The Greenwood School is committed to ensuring that staff are competent and    skillful. To that end, all school staff is required to attend in-service training    and workshops.

We believe that a school’s excellence is ultimately measured by the quality of its staff, which is why we’re extremely selective when it comes to our teachers and employees. Every employee at Greenwood School is held to the highest standards and must complete a pre-employment screening process.

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