The Greenwood School LLC Operational Policies pg. 18

Gang-Free Zone

House Bill 2086 that passed during the 81st Legislature, Regular Session, Chapter 42 of the Human Resource Code includes section 42.064, effective September 1, 2009. This new statute requires the following information about gang-free zones be distributed to parents and guardians of children in care at licensed child care centers.

A gang-free zone is a designated area around a specific location where prohibited gang related activity is subject to increased penalty under Texas law.

The Gang-Free Zone is all property within 1000 feet of Greenwood School. This means certain gang-related criminal activity or engaging in organized criminal activity within 1000 feet of Greenwood School is a violation of this law and is therefore subject to increased penalty under Texas law.

Confidentiality Policy

 All personal records of children and families are kept in the strictest confidence. Information pertaining to admission, progress, health, or discharge of a child shall be confidential, unless we have written permission for disclosure from the parent or guardian.


The Greenwood School is fully licensed by the Texas Department for Family and Protective Services to care for children ages 18 month to 5 years, and is inspected annually.  Current licenses, permits and inspection reports are posted at prominently at our school. A copy of the state’s Minimum Standards for Child Care Centers is available in the Director’s office. The DFPS website is The local licensing office is located at 3635 SE Military Dr. San Antonio, TX 78223. They may be contacted at 210-337-3399.

Policy Changes

 The Greenwood School reserves the right to make policy or financial changes anytime it is in the best interest of the school and will not compromise the quality of the children’s care. All changes will be given at least a two-week notice. Parents will be notified of policy changes in writing. Parents must sign and return an acknowledgment of policy change(s).

We also reserve the right to make changes in the classroom environment without advance notice to the parents, as long as any change remains within state regulations.

Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse and/or Neglect

Parents should be aware that licensed daycare centers staff and administration is required, under penalty of law, to report all suspected cases of child abuse and/or neglect. All caregivers and staff undergo training on how to detect child abuse, report child abuse and protect children from child abuse. Such cases will be referred to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and/or to the authorities immediately. The child abuse hotline number is 1-800-252-5400.

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