The Greenwood School Policies pg. 4

Arrival and Departure

  1. Upon arrival at school, the student must be walked onto the school property by an adult and delivered to the teacher in charge. Students must never be dropped off in the parking lot. The adult that accompanies the child onto the property must sign them in on the school sign-in sheet. [Texas licensing regulation as of September 1, 2003.]
  2. At pick up time, students are expected to stay with their class and teacher until an authorized adult receives the student from their teacher and signs them out [Texas licensing regulation as of September 1, 2003]. Students are never to walk alone to a car or run out and greet parents in the driveway.
  3. In nice weather, children may be on the playground at pick up time and will be kept there while the parents go into the building to sign them out and pick up their lunch box and belongings.
  4. Our students are expected to demonstrate mature social behavior while at school. After the initial greeting with your child, please have him or her walk with you to the car. Likewise, children should walk onto the campus in the morning without being carried. It is recommended that the students carry their own lunch container.
  5. Greenwood School must be notified if someone other than a parent or legal guardian will be picking up a student. They will be asked to show identification until staff becomes familiar with them. Be sure you list all alternatives on your child’s enrollment form. You are responsible for the behavior and actions of anyone acting on your behalf while they are at The Greenwood School. If a relative or friend picks up your child late, you will be billed for the extra time.
  6. Once an adult makes contact either verbally or physically with a child being picked up, the adult assumes full responsibility for that child. Children must follow school rules at all times; therefore, parents are expected to know and enforce the rules once they arrive to pick up their child.
  7. Gardens and gardening equipment are off limits to students except when being supervised by staff.
  8. Children are not allowed to play indoors without the supervision of a staff member. Clover Garden children are not allowed to play in the Ginger Garden and vice versa without specific permission from the staff member that is supervising them.
  9. Please notify Greenwood in advance if you plan to pick up your child early or late. When picking up a student during class, please do so quietly to minimize the distraction. If you must pick up your child during nap time it must be made brief and staff must be told beforehand so they can prepare the child for pick up without interrupting the other children’s nap.
  10. You must notify the director if your child will be absent from his or her routine bus or carpool arrival.
  11. We strive to maintain a natural environment with few reminders of our technical society. When you arrive to pick up your child, be prepared to focus your attention on your child. Please mute pagers, cell phones and two-way radio devices while on school property or leave the devices in your car.
  12. Children who are not enrolled at Greenwood may not play at Greenwood during drop-off time or pick-up time. They have not made behavior agreements with our staff, and therefore cannot be held accountable for those agreements. To further complicate the situation, parents do not know all the rules of play at Greenwood. This combination puts staff in the awkward position of correcting a parent who is unknowingly allowing their child to break a play rule.
  13. Please do not linger at drop-off and pick-up time. Do not distract staff members that are supervising children. (See the policy section on communication .)

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