The Greenwood School Policies pg. 5



  1. You will want to keep a copy of this Handbook accessible for reference throughout the school year. You may download a full copy here or refer to this online version.
  2. Communication is a vital part of our mutual success as teachers & parents. Communications with Greenwood Staff or the Owner/Director are best put in writing, by hand note or email, so they can be reviewed during scheduled conference times. Parent/Teacher Conferences will be scheduled for a time of day when the teacher is not supervising children.
  3. School meetings and parent-teacher conferences may be convened whenever a parent or teacher deems it appropriate. These meetings help to assure that each student is receiving the appropriate education and services. These meetings provide parents the opportunity to visit with staff and to stay informed of their child’s progress. Parent/Teacher Conferences are generally held between 1:00-2:00 on weekdays.
  4. The school’s website should be checked regularly for posted events and information. The Canopy newsletter will be posted on the web site bimonthly. Each issue contains very important information about upcoming events in addition to messages from teachers. Stay informed. Please read your newsletters carefully and mark your calendars with important dates. The newsletters will be sent via email as well as available on our website.
  5. Check the bulletin board daily. You will find special notices, field trip information, etc. You may also use this space to communicate with other parents or post your business card.
  6. Any concerns you have about your child or other school-related issues should first go to your child’s teacher. If you and the teacher are unable to resolve the matter, the owner or director may be consulted. Keep in mind that a private conversation should be held after hours or during the teacher’s conference time.
  7. You may use the tuition box or email as a means to correspond with the teachers, office manager, or the owner/director. Submit your requests, suggestions, comments, questions, etc., in writing and place them in the tuition box or email them to Keep in mind that email messages may not get to the teachers until the next business day. Your messages will be printed and placed in the teacher’s box within 24 hours. Please include a phone number where you can be reached and the best time to call.

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