The Greenwood School Policies pg. 6

Health and Immunization Requirements

  1. The State of Texas requires an up to date record of immunizations be on file with The Greenwood School unless you provide a notarized Affidavit as proof of exemption for health or religious reasons. If your child is enrolled in a different school and participating in our after-school program or day camp, the immunization record must be on file with your child’s regular school. Helpful web sites: Texas Department of Health Services request for Exemption Affidavit,
  2. The Greenwood School staff does not dispense over- the-counter or prescription medications. As necessary, we will assist with homeopathic remedies, but because of the fast pace of our school day, the timing of doses cannot be guaranteed. It may be necessary for a parent to briefly visit the school during the day to administer a dose of remedy or medication.
  3. Most medications have side effects that impede a child’s ability to learn and play safely. Side effects of drugs often include sluggishness, hyperactivity, dizziness, irritability, etc. If over-the-counter or prescription medication alters the child’s ability to participate fully, appropriately and safely, the child must be kept at home until fully recovered and medication is no longer necessary.
  4. If your child is taking an over-the-counter or prescription drug, please provide the staff with a package insert or drug information sheet from a pharmacist or reputable web site. In the event of an emergency, this information will be given to EMS.
  5. Do not bring your child to school if they are ill. Our program is physically demanding and we do not have adequate staff to offer special care for children who are not well.
  6. Students must be fever-free (98.6°F) for the 24-hour period following an illness prior to returning to school. A normal temperature is about 98.6°F when taken orally (by mouth). Temperatures taken rectally (by rectum) usually run 1° higher than those taken orally. So a normal temperature is about 99.6°F when taken rectally.
  7. Parents must complete the Emergency Contact Information in the child’s enrollment packet, including the name and phone number of at least one (1) emergency contact other than the parent/guardian. This person(s) should be available to pick up the child in the event that the parent/guardian is unavailable.  Emergency person(s) should be available during school hours. Parents should inform this person(s) they are designated as an emergency “backup” for the child and inform them of the above mentioned responsibilities.  Parents should keep the center informed of any and all changes to information regarding the emergency contact.  Emergency Contact forms will be updated annually at the beginning of each school year.
  8. If a student becomes ill while at The Greenwood School, all parties listed as Emergency Contacts on the child’s enrollment form are contacted, and a responsible party is asked to pick up the student. Parent 1 will be contacted first, if staff is unable to reach this parent, staff will leave a message and proceed to contact Parent 2.  If parent 2 is unavailable, staff will leave message and contact the 3rd Emergency Contact listed.  Staff will continue to try all contacts until a responsible party is reached to pick up the sick child.  Students who become ill while at school will be separated from the other students. We will provide a comfortable, quiet place for the child to rest while waiting for his or her parents to arrive.
  9. Some contagious infections may warrant a school closing. If we are not confident that we can prevent the spread of a disease, we will close the school until the contagion can be controlled. This might be the case with stomach or intestinal viruses and head lice.
  10. Should an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease occur (measles, chickenpox, whooping-cough, etc.), children with Immunization Exemptions may not be allowed in school for the duration of the outbreak. This decision would be made by the Travis County Health Dept. and not a decision of Greenwood School.
  11. Children enrolled in The Greenwood School must have health insurance coverage for illness and accidents. It is the responsibility of the parent to provide health insurance for the child. The child’s current insurance information must be on file at the school.

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