The Greenwood School Policies pg. 8

Snacks and Lunches

  1. We provide a morning and afternoon snack. (Snack schedule is posted on the bulletin board) If your child will not eat the snack that Greenwood provides, please discuss the situation with the teacher. She may ask you to send a snack for your child on certain days. You may send your own snacks provided they are nutritious (cheese, fresh fruit, boiled egg, sandwich, etc.), and require no preparation. Make sure that your child can self-serve the snack with little assistance from staff. Let your child know which item is intended for snack. You may want to designate the color of the container or tie a ribbon around the snack item.
  2. Please provide a nutritious lunch from home. Desserts, cereal bars, pastries and sweets are not permitted. Any sweets will be put aside and returned to the parent. Lunches must meet a high standard for a nutritious balanced meal. Simple sugars have no role in a nutritious meal. For some children, special consideration should be given to the glycemic index of the foods that you send. Consult library references or the Internet for more information about glycemic index as it relates to children’s nutrition. Candy, gum and carbonated sodas are not permitted at Greenwood. Partially hydrogenated oils should be avoided. Please do not send snacks that contain these harmful fats. Please do not send chips with the lunch. Carrots are a nice substitute for the crunchiness of chips.
  3. Choking Hazards—some foods are choking hazards for children. Do not include in your child’s lunch, any round, firm foods (like hot dogs and carrot sticks) unless they are chopped completely. Cut or break these foods into bite-size pieces (no larger than ½ inch. Hotdogs can be cut into long strips. Children are not allowed to walk around at school with anything in their mouth. This includes vitamins, cough drops, gum, mints, and candy. If you give such an item to your child, make sure it is completely consumed or wrapped in a tissue and safely disposed of before you enter the school.
  4. The Lunch Box and containers – Please purchase the Igloo Cool 8™ to be your child’s lunch box. Use a cold pack such as “blue ice” or a frozen water bottle. Lunch boxes should not have zippers or latches of any kind. There should be no fabric or nylon straps on any part of the cooler. The cooler must be large enough that a child can quickly drop all containers and lids into the box without special arrangement for fit. Thermoses and coolers must be free from media characters and decorative stickers. Your child’s name must be written on both sides of the cooler, on the cold pack and on each container and container lid. Please use durable, reusable containers and cloth napkins.
  5. CLOTH AND UTENSILS — Lunches must include a small towel or cloth napkin and all necessary utensils such as a fork and spoon. Children will use the cloth as a place mat. You may include an additional cloth to be used to wipe hands and face.
  6. NO PACKAGING — Help us promote sustainability. Do not send foods that are sold in disposable packaging such as individual juice packs, cereal bars, prepackaged applesauce, squeezables, cheese crackers, fruit cocktail, etc. Do not send plastic straws, paper towels, foil, plastic wrap, zip lock bags, etc. Please do not use glass containers in the lunch box. Do not send food wrapped in plastic, paper or foil. String cheese should be removed from the wrapper at home. Yogurt should be transferred to a reusable container.
  7. DRINKS — Drinks must fit inside the lunch cooler. Drink containers should be spill proof and leak proof. Drink containers must be washable and reusable. Disposable straws are not allowed. Water is required; however, unsweetened soymilk or rice milk is acceptable for a second beverage. Juice may be included as a second beverage, but must be limited to 6 ounces, unless it is diluted.
  8. FRUIT–Fruit should be peeled and cut at home and placed in a reusable container, or you may teach your child how to peel the fruit prior to sending it in the lunch box. Please do not send more than half of a banana. Ripe bananas have a very high glycemic index. The half banana should be placed in a container to protect it from bruising.
  9. TRASH–Lunches should not contain any trash items. Children will not have the opportunity to deposit items in the trashcan. Naturally occurring wastes such as crusts, pits, cores, seeds, peels, etc. will be returned home in the lunch box.
  10. Lunch items that need to be served warm should be brought in an insulated thermos-type container. Staff will not heat food for children. Write the child’s name on the outside of the thermos and the top. If children cannot easily eat directly from the thermos, send a plastic dish and we will help them transfer the food to the dish.
  11. Children, who arrive before 8:00 a.m., may bring a nutritious breakfast to be eaten between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m.
  12. The children will have a late snack at 5:00 p.m. (4:45 pm in winter). This 5:00 snack will come from whatever is left in the child’s lunch box. You may send something specific for this time of day; just make sure you label it “5:00 snack.” All of the above rules apply. Make sure that the containers fit in the lunch box cooler.

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