The Greenwood School Policies pg. 9

Birthdays and Celebrations

  1. A special circle-time celebration is observed for each child’s birthday. Parents should bring wholesome muffins and assist the teacher in serving at snack time. Greenwood will provide you with a recipe for the muffins. Teachers put a great deal of thought and planning into each child’s celebration. Please be considerate and plan the event with the teacher several weeks in advance. Please notify the teacher if you will be unable to attend or participate. Birthday circles will generally be held on a Thursday or Friday, rarely on the child’s actual birthday. Teachers prefer to have the child at school all morning and not to leave with parents after circle. Please do not take photographs during birthday circle.
  2. Invitations to a party or celebration away from school may be handed out at school only when all members of the child’s class are invited. Place an invitation in each child’s basket. Thank you notes should be mailed and not placed in baskets, unless every child receives one.
  3. As part of the regular curriculum, students will learn about cycles in nature and special days celebrated in a variety of cultures. Festivals and celebrations of a particular season may be combined for a broader theme. With the help of parent volunteers, we will pick and choose occasions to celebrate and sprinkle them throughout the year. Special days observed at school may include solstices and equinoxes, Chinese New Year, May Day, Halloween, Martinmas, Saint Nicholas Day, Santa Lucia Day. Sometimes we make them up to enhance our curriculum. Such as Animal Blessing Day and Fir and Feathers Day. Please make suggestions for celebrations observed by your family.

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