Greenwood Summer Camp 2015

20150323_120159Greenwood summer camp rates are available for a limited number of children who are enrolled in kindergarten, first grade, second grade or homeschooled children who have completed kindergarten.

Application Fee is $50.


Weekly Rate

M-F 7:30-12:00

$             169.00

M-F 7:30-3:00

$             218.00

M-F 7:30-6:00

$             251.00


The Greenwood School summer camp is a perfect transition program for children entering first grade, second grade or kindergarten. Our program follows an easy rhythm that allows children hours of free play in nature with their friends. We eat morning snack outside. Older children may enjoy a picnic lunch outdoors as well. Each day, children will have a special activity that is teacher guided. Those activities vary throughout the summer, but may include water play, crafts, handwork, sculpting, puppetry, open mic, gymnastics, painting, collaging, singing and yoga. The children themselves will have some influence on activity selection. Greenwood children also enjoy daily chores relating to animal care, tending to gardens, making flower arrangements from fresh cut wild flowers, flower pressing, laundry, dish washing, and cooking. There will also be opportunities to help with the care of younger children.

Somos Amigos Spanish, Learn to Play the Recorder, Beginner Knitting, Beginner Watercolor as well as Reading & Math FUNdementals will be available if interest is there to support these programs.  Contact for more details.

Tuition Fees are paid weekly and due at time of reservation.

Space is limited so APPLY TODAY!