What you need to know for Visit Day


  • DROP OFF BETWEEN 7:45 & 8:15 ~ Have a quick goodbye inside the school and allow staff to take the child out to the playground. If the child becomes upset and stays upset for more than 10-15 minutes, we will contact you by phone and discuss options.
  • REMEMBER TO LEAVE YOU PHONE NUMBER(S) so we may reach you if necessary.
  • DRESS APPROPRIATELY FOR THE WEATHER ~ Layers work well for cool mornings and warm afternoons.
  • BRING A CHANGE OF CLOTHES ~ Include extra socks!
  • BRING A WATER BOTTLE ~ childhood is thirsty business.
  • BRING PULL UPS AND WIPES if child is not yet potty trained.


  • LET US KNOW OF ANY FOOD ALLERGIES ~ Greenwood provides morning snack (MON=multigrain oats blend, TUE=brown rice, WED=lentils, THU=yellow grits/polenta, FRI=whole grain muffins)
  • PICK UP AT 11:45 ~ we will go over the enrollment forms with you while your child eats their lunch.