New Somos Amigos Song Book available

HOME REINFORCEMENT MATERIALS are now available to Greenwood parents through the Google online Music Store!
Enjoy all the songs your child is learning in his weekly SPANISH MUSIC CLASSES and support your child’s language development in the area comprehension and speaking as well as his singing voice.

Testimonials from two current preschool parents regarding album and accompanying songbook:

“We listen to Miss Ana’s CD every time we are in the car. Gregory asks for them all the time because he enjoys hearing Miss Ana’s voice and the kids on the CD. The song books are a valuable tool for parents and kids because it has the English translation. However what I find most important is that it visually helps reinforce the words so we’re learning how to write, read and sing collectively. We’ve been using these tools for more than a year and I can tell you that I see a huge difference when we are using them regularly. My favorite part is that I hear Gregory singing the songs so much on his own when he’s playing by himself and even in school. It’s priceless.”
~Terri Gruca son Gregory (4 yrs. old)

“We listen to the Somos Amigos CDs in the car almost every day. The kids LOVE them and constantly ask us to put them on. It makes our car rides fun and it’s the easiest way for them to practice their Spanish. They have all of the songs memorized and now often sing them even when the CD isn’t on!”

~Callie and daughter Lily (4 yrs. old) and Elliott (2 yrs. old)

Cost for #24 Album is $19.99. “My Name is Cielo” includes original songs about colors, counting, greetings, animal names, lullabies, traditional games and finger plays. Many songs are accompanied by guitar, banjo, flute or piano.

To Purchase the online Album: Click on the link below (a Google account is required and is free of charge to set up).

Accompanying Bilingual Songbook with illustrations: $20.00. The songbook is highly recommended so that parents can read the lyrics in both languages and it also provides an opportunity for older children to learn to read.

To Purchase Songbook: Please send an email request to Ann Benson at and she will send you a Paypal invoice. Your Songbook will be left in your child’s cubby within a week’s time.

*For those parents purchasing the online album, a CD recording is also available upon request for an additional $5.00. Please notify Ann Benson through email at ann@somosamigos-sfc if you would like the CD in addition (only sold in combination with the online album) and you receive a Paypal invoice and your CD will be ready for you in your child’s cubby within a week.

Link to online Album:

My Name is Cielo Album

Please text Ann Benson with any questions at (954) 383 – 5057 or email