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Enjoy this article from 2012 that was written about our school and published in Community Impact Newspaper. Click <<HERE>>

The Greenwood School follows the Lifeways model. Learn more about Lifeways here. Click <<HERE>>

Tracy and some of her staff have benefited from training with Landmark Worldwide. Click <<HERE>> for more information.

The Greenwood School encourages parents to make informed decisions regarding their children’s vaccination schedule. We recommend reading the book The Vaccine-Friendly Plan or doing a study of the articles shared on this web site. <<HERE>> to learn more.

Starhawk, Diane Baker, and Anne Hill offer new ways to foster a sense of togetherness through celebrations that honor the sacredness of life and our Mother Earth in this book frequently used by the teachers at The Greenwood School. Click <<HERE>> to read more.

Here is a nice explanation of the Waldorf model of education. Greenwood encompases many of the principle of Waldorf education as set forth by Rudolf Steiner.

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Greenwood children bring their lunch to school with them, and the school provides healthy mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks daily.
Please email to inquire about the current snack menu.

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