The Canopy News September

Make New Friends, but Keep the Old

We’ve said many goodbyes to friends over the last few weeks and we wish them all well in their new schools. I can’t tell you why there has been a drop in enrollment, since we have not been getting the exit interviews returned. We have lovely new students arriving, and we look forward to years of quality care for the new young children. Cami will be sending out a revised school directory soon that will list new families. Save your old directories so you can stay in touch with friends who have left Greenwood. Playdates can really support children in learning to trust friendship.

Discovery Garden

We are starting something new in our rhythm at Greenwood. Ms. Kaki, who holds a teaching certificate in primary education, will be teaching the children ages 3-5 a fun, playful curriculum that will guarantee school readiness. She will be working with me to prepare lesson plans full of hands-on, interactive learning that is age-appropriate. I will have more information out on the Discovery Garden curriculum very soon. The children will continue to get the playground time that they need and deserve. Please get your child to school as early as possible so that they have the opportunity to be outside during the morning. The preschool class begins after morning snack.

Mabon, The Autumn Equinox

Wheel of the Year
Wheel of the Year

If you want to meet and mingle with other Greenwood families, please attend our “Mabon Festival” at 8:45 am on Monday, September 22nd. When parents attend festivals, the children begin to meld the two versions of who they are…the home with parent’s version and the school version. We have a festival about every 6 weeks. Regular attending parents see their children with new eyes. Maybe your child will be clingy the first time or two, but that will change and you will see a new maturity emerge as they integrate their relationship with you and their way of being at school. Tracy is available for coaching if your child is resistant to participate while you are on campus. It takes practice.

Somos Amigos

Our fall Spanish class has begun. The accompanying book and CD are available for a very reasonable price from Ann Benson. The Spanish CD is $20. The songbook is $15. You can purchase both for $35. Please make checks payable to Ann Benson. The book and CD provide you with practice material for car rides and home. Leave the check in the tuition box, and we will get it to Ann. All interested and cooperative children are welcome to attend the class. Participation does not easily break down according to age. Most of the class is 3-5; however, we have some very successful twos who are really enjoying the class.


Our fall yoga classes will be taught by a former Greenwood parent. Her name is Chandra Sigmund. Chandra has taught a couple of classes so far, and things are going well. We do two classes, one very short class for toddlers followed by a longer class for preschoolers. I hope your little ones will be showing off their downward dog for you soon.