The Canopy Newsletter Winter 2016

A word about Winter Dressing

Cold days don’t need to be hard days.

Many parents are doing a great job preparing their children for the playground on cold mornings. We stand by our promise to make sure every child is dressed for success, but ask you to please do your part. We need you to either dress your child in the required layers or bring the layers and put them in the bag on the hook.  The clothing should be correct size and free of media characters and advertisements. Ms. Mary is the dress-code monitor in the morning. She is not going to let children go out without proper protection from the cold.  She is working very hard to do this but struggling from the lack of clothing resources.  If you find your child has outgrown some clothes, keep us in mind; we can always use them.  Check the website for our Winter Dress Code chart for help on how to dress for these crazy Texas temps.



Upcoming Events—February is a very big month!

February 2 Brigid’s Day (Imbolg), Ground Hog Day – This is a 90 minute festival, starting at 8:45 and ending at 10:15. Please volunteer and join the fun. Brigid is a little known holiday. It falls half way between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. For Texans, it signals the decline of winter and brings early signs of spring. This is the time we see the green leaves of tulips, daffodils and wild flowers.

Learn more about Imbolg/Brigid’s Day

Songs: We are Hollow Bamboo

This Little Light of Mine (Jesus and Satan references omitted)

Colors: Blues, white, silver

Volunteers are helpful with this festival. CLICK HERE to sign up  

OR use the Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet by the Sign- in Log at the school.


February 9 Lunar (Chinese) New Year To celebrate, the children will learn this traditional Chinese New Year song, Gung Hay Fat Choy.

They will watch and participate in a traditional (child performed) Lion Dance and enjoy fried rice with baked Nian-Gao.

We will share the story of “The Runaway Rice-Cake.”

Colors: Red, Orange, Gold


February 12 Valentine’s card exchange will begin at 11:15 a.m., after yoga class. Please bring cards for every child, teacher and staff member. There are 31 total including your child, so make 30.


Hammer in my Heart (song book on the shelf)

10 Little Valentines (tune of 10 Little Indians) 

5 Little Hearts

Magic Penny

Colors: Red, Pink, White, Silver, Gold


February 13, 10:00-12:30 – Orientation for New Parents and New Staff


February 13, 1:00-6:00 – Parent Day Out

Back by popular demand, this offering to parents is a chance to get free for a few hours to spend time with your partner or alone. Enjoy uninterrupted adult conversation. Enjoy a meal in a restaurant that is not child friendly. Take in an R-rated film. It’s Valentine’s weekend; enjoy some romance. The Greenwood staff will provide your children with a delightful afternoon of fun, food and games. Your children will be begging for more, and someone else will clean up the mess. Price is $25.00 per child. Please pay in advance when you make your reservation. Reservations can be made via email and payments made via PayPal.

Coming Soon!

April 7, – School Photos

Kyla Hobbs will be returning to Greenwood to do our school photos. We did not get positive feedback about last year’s pictures, so we are bringing back our favorite photographer who offers higher quality prints and better customer service and flexibility. Kyla is a Greenwood alumni parent. She has done many amazing sessions with us over the years.

Please Help if you can!

We need donations for the new infant program.

Greenwood has recently gained the infant-care license. This permit will allow us to care for children younger than 18 months. We built a sun porch for the infants and young toddlers. It’s all very exciting. I want to minimize additional start-up cost by utilizing donated equipment as much as possible. This new adventure is a huge investment at a time when the school budget is bare bones. So I’m asking friends, clients and alumni to donate toys, equipment and supplies for newborn to 2 years old. I’ll take anything. What I can’t use, I can trade at the resale shops for more suitable items. For starters, I’m looking for these items newer than 2014.

  1. Sleep sacks with arms free.
  2. Mini-cribs, pack-n-plays or mini-cribs
  3. Jogger strollers
  4. Fitted sheets for pack-n-play
  5. Infant toys, preferably wooden with limited safe plastics
  6. Board books
  7. Changing table
  8. Laundry hamper
  9. Toddler walkers, climbers and activity sets
  10. Teething toys
  11. Bouncer seats
  12. Burping cloths
  13. Walker type toys
  14. Safe toys for children 18 months and younger.

Helpful Tools on the website!

The Winter Dress Code is available on our website at, as well as a new Greenwood Calendar to help you keep track of all of the Greenwood Activities and Events.  You can use the Greenwood Calendar to click & save dates to your own Google Calendar.  To do this, hover over the event date, click on the ‘more details’ link and look for the drop down ‘more actions’ or a link to ‘add to my Google Calendar’.  From here you should be able to select ‘copy to (*) calendar’. NOTE: You must have a g-mail account in order to take advantage of this feature.

Did you know you can pay your tuition & fees via PayPal on the website? Look for the Pay Tuition & Fees link in the Quick Links list.

Save these links as shortcuts on your desktop or homepage for easy access.

Stay tuned for further website updates! Coming soon are your Paid to Date Tuition Statements and Recommended Reading list.  Let us know if there is something you would like to see added to our website.  We welcome your suggestions!

Greenwood Staff News

Ms. Shelley update

Some of you may remember Ms. Shelley. Ms. Shelley was a valuable member of the Greenwood Team for several years and remains close to our hearts.  Shelley left Greenwood a few months ago to be with her family in Rhode Island.  Her mother became quite ill during her stay and made the great transition on Sunday morning, January 24.  Shelley was able to spend her birthday with her mom and be with her family for the passing.  She will be back in Austin next week, looking forward to some rest and quiet time. We don’t know yet if she will return to Greenwood, but we will keep you posted.  Feel free to reach out to her on Facebook or send her an email welcoming her home. She can use lots of love and encouragement at this time.