The Greenwood Gnome

GW Gnome Transparent BGInspired by the works of the popular Dutch artist, Rein Poortvliet,  Greenwood School Director, Tracy Schagen’s vision of the Greenwood Gnome is of a grounded, hard working, friendly spirit who respects nature & family & fellow creatures alike.  The Greenwood Gnome is as happy at work as he is at play.  He nurtures & protects the earth and all of its creatures.  He begins each day with a joyful heart, full of gratitude.  The Greenwood Gnome celebrates each season with festivals and traditions both new and old.  He contributes what he can to his community and is grateful for the community’s contribution to his well being.

These are the values The Greenwood School tries to impart to each and every child entrusted to our care.  It is our hope that our little Greenwood Gnome, will inspire these young spirits long into their futures.The Greenwood Gnome by Robin Cary Thompson

The beautiful glass mosaic artwork, pictured here, was created and gifted to The Greenwood School by Robin Cary Thompson.