The Greenwood Way

Welcome to Greenwood School!

Our curriculum and program activities are chosen with consideration to current scientific understanding of myelin development in the brain and nervous system. We cover all the important skills that children need to be successful in kindergarten and grade school. We are also attentive to the Law of Attraction and other more spiritual thought. We enjoy helping children learn about the attractive power of creative thought. We teach them how to use positive statements or affirmations to get through tough times. We teach them to be grateful and to focus on what they like or enjoy. We are committed to teaching children how to be happy and share that happiness with others. Happy children love school. Happy children love teachers. Happy children love learning.

The Greenwood School
Daily Rhythm
Spring 2015
7:30 Breakfast (from student’s box) and self-select play
7:40 Potty and wash hands…as needed
8:00 Outdoor play
8:40 Potty and wash hands…as needed
8:45 Welcome Circle
9:00 M-Somos Amigos
9:40 Potty and wash hands
10:00 Morning Snack
M-Oat Blend, T-brn rice, W-Lentils, Th-Grits, Fri-Muffins
10:15 Chores and clean-up
10:40 Potty and wash hands
11:00 Daily activities:
Tuesday- Beading
Thursday- Sculpting
Friday-Imaginative Play
12:00 Lunch (or 12:00 pick-up time)
12:40 Potty and wash hands
12:45 Rest time
2:30 Potty and wash hands, coloring
(3:00 pick-up time)
3:00 Snack
M- Apples, T- Cereal W-Pretzels and Popcorn, Th-Citrus,
F- Multigrain Chips or muffins
3:15 Imaginative Play
4:00 Potty and wash hands
4:15 Indoor activity:
M-Board Games, T-Story Circle, W-Sculpting, Th-Music Circle, F-Puzzles
4:50 Snack (from student’s box)
5:10 Indoor play or puzzles

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