Spanish ENRICHMENT classes presented by Ann Benson

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MsAnnSpanish, the language for friendship for children.
Greenwood School offers these classes in addition to the regular class curriculum to those students deemed ready for the program.  Classes are included with tuition, materials fees are an extra charge.

Testimonials for Ms. Ann:

My children, Aiden (7) and Emery (3) have had multiple classes with Ann, over the past two years.  We love the small class size and great personal interaction between child and teacher along with all of the wonderful Spanish based songs, games and music.  We take the CD’s (from Somos Amigos) along and listen to them in the car.  Emery wanders around singing Spanish songs and words, some of which are made up but with perfect pronunciation!  She absolutely loves the language, the class and Ann.  

Carrie Lowe-Dornak, Greenwood School


“Will has been singing many of the songs in Spanish as he goes about his day.  Even when he doesn’t know all the meaning, he is working on the words, the sounds – it’s really gotten into his head.”

 Gitana Sweethardt, Cedars Montessori


“My son is always excited to go to Spanish. He tells me quite proudly and often that he is going to be bilingual.”

Tracy Laughlin, Cedars Montessori